2WAY, a subsidiary of Flash Private Mobile Networks, makes our Push-to-Talk service accessible to the Public Order and Security (OOV). There is a need for a Push-to-Talk service within the POS because the national radio network offers insufficient coverage in many places.

About 2WAY

Social safety plays a major role in our society. The need for effective information provision is therefore a critical element in the daily work within the Dutch OOV sector. The effective use of IT resources to support the information and communication process is of great importance.

2WAY, based in Zeewolde, supplies and maintains ICT infrastructures and communication solutions to the Dutch OOV sector and related parties. By doing this in a proactive and solution-oriented manner, 2WAY fulfills its customer promise “clear communication, with a safe working environment as a result.”

Communication in the OOV sector is mission critical and must be guaranteed and secured. 2WAY understands better than anyone that bilateral communication is a requirement. Her method is based on that. 2WAY enters into discussions with its customers, with an open mind and with the conviction that only the best is good enough. The employees of 2WAY have a hands-on mentality, look beyond the beaten track and work together with strong partners. This results in tailor-made solutions.

For more information, visit the website from 2WAY. 

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