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De Push-to-Talk application

Mission-critical communication as an end-to-end service, this is what PrioCom offers. We equip PrioCom users with a device with a standardized Push-to-Talk application which is directly integrated into the national T-Mobile network and optionally a command and control room application for monitoring rooms.

With the Push-to-Talk application we offer you typical radio functions on a smart Android device. Built according to the 3GPP standard, the Push-to-Talk application is ready for connection with existing DMR and TETRA networks, new private LTE systems and the migration from 4G to 5G.

Application features

The Push-to-Talk application offers the possibility of conducting various types of conversations, namely

  • group conversations,
  • 1-on-1 conversations,
  • emergency calls,
  • priority calls,
  • sending / receiving text messages, photos etc., in the group and / or to the control room
  • Call request to control room
  • map-information.

The Command & Control room application

In addition to the Push-to-Talk application, PrioCom can provide a complete Command & Control Room solution (optional).

Command & Control room features

The very extensive Command & Control room application offers the employee a flexible environment for conducting

  • one on one communication
  • all types of talk groups, of course with priority (pre-emption).
  • dynamically moving users and creating temporary groups
  • Sending / receiving text messages, photos is standard.
  • Map tools (including geo fencing)
  • Call request handling

LoneWorker Protect features Command and Control Room (optionally):

  • Management LoneWorker Protect alarms
  • Alarms visible on alarm map and map tools
  • Geofencing on LoneWorker Protect
  • Settings LoneWorker Protect adjustable on control room applicaton

PrioCom LoneWorker Protect

For loneworkers in riskful work in

  • Industry
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics

The PrioCom Loneworker Protect application is offered optionally for loneworkers who need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week assurance of direct emergency assistance.

For example, when you become unconscious, when you fall or are threatened at work. But even now that teams are forced to no longer be able to work directly together and have to go alone. It offers an alternative!

Together with your safety expert or HSE manager, we analyze the risks and link them to sensors set up in the work environment for immediate alarms and follow-up. When these sensors are triggered, an alarm with position is immediately sent to the control room, which listens while help is on the way! Employees who are authorized to do so can also receive an alarm.

Because the Loneworker application is part of the PrioCom standardized push-to-talk platform integrated in the T-mobile network, you are guaranteed to always be in contact with the relevant emergency services. Now and in the future!

Partners offer with this service rugged Android Atex / non-Atex devices that continue to function under severe conditions or during incidents and work optimally with the LoneWorker application and have been tested and certified for use with LoneWorker Protect.

Main features:

  • Emergency button gives immediate alarm and position to the monitoring center
  • Adjustable sensors on devices for immediate, automatic alarm in case of an accident
  • Secured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Monitoring station listens and canimmediately call emergency services
  • Rugged Android devices certified according to strict German standards for lone worker safety
  • Guaranteed alarm thanks to priority integration in the T-Mobile mobile network

Management reporting

The basis for our end-to-end solution is of course the Push-To-Talk environment. This can be expanded with the Command and Control room application, Loneworker Protect application, but also with our Management Reporting module.

The Management Reporting module is often used for the following 3 areas:
– Analyse usage
– Improve quality
– Legal obligation

Analyse usage

How often has an emergency call occurred, are our people communicating efficiently, are they in the right user groups, etc. These and other questions can easily be answered by analysing the data that is made available in order to make adjustments.

Improving quality

How was the communication during a calamity? Get detailed retrospective insight into how communication took place during a disaster. This can relate to both data and what was said with the aim of learning and improving.

Legal obligation

In some customer environments, it is a legal requirement to record certain things such as conversations.
The Management Reporting module is fully integrated into the Push-To-Talk secure environment and can be purchased as an option.

Want to know more about management reporting? Click the blue button on the right.

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