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Of the four largest telephone providers in the Netherlands, T-Mobile was voted ‘Best in Test’ again in 2020, for the fourth time in a row. The survey was carried out by the German consultancy firm P3 in collaboration with Connect. In addition to T-Mobile, Vodafone, KPN and Tele2 were also tested for both speech and data. P3 conducted the survey for the fourth consecutive year, and this year T-Mobile came out on top for the third time. P3 carried out the tests in 21 cities and 31 towns. The area surveyed is home to more than 5.7 million people.

High capacity

The T-Mobile network offers a lot of data capacity, thanks to a large number of masts for nation wide coverage.

High speed

All T-Mobile customers benefit from a high speed data connection on 4G. This allows each antenna a throughput speed of up to an impressive 450 Mbps.

More information about the T-Mobile 4G networks

Click here for the Netherlands

In Poland T-Mobile has the beste mobile coverage with 11,000 transmitters in the country.

Click here for information on T-Mobile 4G network in Czech Republic

In Belgium we cooperate with leading mobile operator Proximus. More information on best-in-class Proximus 4G network can be found here.

Low latency

T-Mobile is not only a fast mobile network, it is also  best-in-class network for latency. In practice, T-Mobile offers an average 4G speed of 54.52 Mbit/s.


The T-Mobile network offers nationwide 4G/4G+ coverage.

Click here for an overview of Netherlands nationwide coverage.

Click here for an overview of Polish nationwide coverage.

Click here for an overview of Czech nationwide coverage

In Belgium we cooperate with leading mobile operator Proximus. Click here for an overview of Belgian nationwide coverage.

Backup battery

T-Mobile has equipped al its antenna sites with backup batteries that offer the telecom provider extra time to take measures, to prevent an affected region from having a mobile telephony coverage outage. In the event of a power outage, T-Mobile can keep its network up for one hour for calls, text messages and 4G data.

Mission-critical communication

To guarantee access to the nationwide T-Mobile network for mission-critical communication, PrioCom has integrated the Push-to-Talk service in the core of the T-Mobile network. A PrioCom user’s connection runs through a private connection on the T-Mobile network. This way, PrioCom offers its mission-critical users Quality of Service. The priority module ensures priority on the T-Mobile network in case of escalations.

The 5 Cs

A communication solution must always meet the 5 Cs formula, standing for Coverage, Capacity, Cost, Control and Capabilities. We would like to explain why our Push-to-Talk service complies with this.

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