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Omikron specializes in providing emergency communication access to intervention teams, in-house emergency response services and security. These teams must be instantly accessible in the event of workplace emergencies. This enables rapid deployment so as to prevent further escalation of critical situations. Critical alerts are also possible using physical emergency buttons, wireless panic buttons or man-down transmitters.

Omikron has a variety of products for sending alerts or emergency alarms. These include products where you can contact individuals, groups or all employees at the same time with a clear text message. Multiple buildings or difficult coverage are no problem for the Omikron CallHelp 400 calling-system. In addition, you can choose to set off alarms manually or automatically.

Omikron creates a tailor-made plan for each specific situation, so that the end user is always assured of having the most appropriate products giving the optimum solution.

For more information, visit the website of Omikron. 

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